Tax law

The law firm provides advice with regard to substantive and procedural tax law.

Our services include issues related with taxation of natural and legal entities. We also provide legal services for international financial transactions. The law firm’s activities within this area are supported with ongoing cooperation with experienced tax advisors and an accounting firm.

The law firm offers advice with regard to using tax optimisation instruments in order to present the most beneficial variant of conducting planned economic operations from the point of view of tax burdens.

Among particular activities covered with this area, we indicate the possibility to use our services with regard to complex legal services within VAT return.

We enable our Clients to use tax audit, that is, complex review of the accuracy of tax settlements, and we also offer readiness to provide legal assistance in solving current tax problems and in drawing up applications for individual tax interpretation in a scope agreed on with a Client.

We review commercial transactions with regard to the tax on civil-legal activities and VAT. We apply our knowledge on taxes and local fees, agricultural and forestry tax in practice.

Lawyers from our law firm represent the Client in litigious and explanatory proceedings before tax and customs bodies as well as in penal-fiscal proceedings.

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