Public finances sector

The law firm has been providing legal services to the benefit of territorial self-government units and their unions for many years. Our clients include self-government units of all levels, from small communes to Marshal Offices. We provide both, ongoing legal services for the units and advice in many areas of law related with execution of tasks of territorial self-government units.

Furthermore, we have many years of experience in providing services for budget units, self-government budget units as well as commercial law companies, where territorial self-government units are shareholders. We participated in many reorganisation processes of units subject to self-governments with successes. We also provide services for multimillion investment processes executed by territorial self-government units, including within public-private partnership system.

Interdisciplinary and many resources of the law firm also allow providing services consisting in giving legal advice to unit residents within access to free legal assistance. The law firm has also experience in ongoing services for organisational units with municipal assets.

Furthermore, we provide legal services for other units from public finances sector, including independent public healthcare units, public universities and cultural institutions.

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