Administrative law

The law firm specialises in providing ongoing legal services for public administration entities. While guaranteeing adherence to the highest standards of services and with particular consideration of discipline restrictions in public finances and separate regulations concerning the characteristics of administrative law branches, the law firm provides ongoing services for territorial self-government units as well as it executes non-standard, interdisciplinary projects while introducing pioneer institutions. In case of a complex problem requiring detailed knowledge from para-legal and accounting-tax areas, owning to a close cooperation with specialised entities, the law firm maintains a high level of services also in such projects.

Our team lawyers give opinions on drafts of resolutions passed during meetings of legislative bodies with regard to the legality and in the context of established practice of supervisory bodies with territorial jurisdiction as well as administrative courts, and they also participate in activities of administrative bodies provided for under legal provisions. Many years of experience of our law firm in providing services for all levels of territorial self-government allows us to consider in opinions given on drafts of contracts not only the particular interest of a Client, but also the social interest as well as to eliminate possible threats of performing a contract, which has significant meaning while concluding subsidy contracts.

Lawyers from our law firm provide advice with regard to the most frequent administrative law areas, in particular: environmental protection law and principles of waste management, geodetic and cartographic law, spatial development law, energy law, personal data protection law, competition and consumers’ protection law.

Moreover, our lawyers provide assistance at obtaining administrative decisions and procedural experience allows us to represent the Client before administrative courts and appellate bodies in all cases.

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