Civil law

Our law firm provides complex services in the scope of broadly understood civil law. Extensive practice in this area includes representing both individual clients and economic entities.

The law firm has a substantial experience in drawing up and providing formal-legal analysis of various types of obligation contracts.

Our employees draw up and provide opinions for contracts concerning execution of construction projects, including, in particular, design contracts, contracts for author’s supervision and investor’s supervision, contracts with contractors and sub-contractors. Furthermore, we provide advice with regard to cases related with undue or untimely performance of obligations resulting from concluded contracts.

We draw up and provide opinions for drafts of licence contracts and other contracts of a similar nature. We provide our clients with assistance within protection of their copyrights and industrial property rights infringed by illegal activities of third parties.

Our activity also includes providing advice and legal assistance within protection of personal interests and rights in property.

We specialise in purchasing and developing land, building and retail real estates intended for industrial, production, commercial and residential projects. Our services also include in this scope assistance for foreign entities (foreigners) – natural persons and legal persons. We provide advice in researching legal status of real estate, drawing up and providing legal analysis for contracts related with purchasing real estate, rental and lease contracts, contracts concerning managing real estate and housing communities.

Commercial law

Since the beginning of the law firm, providing legal services and advice within broadly understood commercial law has constituted an important area of its activity.

Within activity covering this area, the law firm offers a wide scope of services related with legal services provided for economic entities independently of their legal form and organisational structure. We offer assistance at establishing economic entities, including drawing up and providing opinions for contracts, founding acts and other corporate acts of these entities and performing any activities related with registration thereof. The scope of offered services also includes liquidation activities. Inherent elements of conducted activities include, among others, legal service of general meetings of shareholders, general meetings, management board meetings, supervisory board meetings and audit commission meetings, drawing up necessary legal documents related with providing services for entities and adjusted to their internal organisational schemes, drawing up and providing opinions for contracts and contract drafts that are to be applied in business trading.

Within the cooperation, the law firm also actively participates in negotiations of terms and conditions of commercial contracts of clients with their contractors and advises in matters related with conducted business activity, including legal analysis of each undertaking with regard to the best security of the client’s interests.

Standard element of our activity within broadly understood commercial law also consists in complex legal services for the transactions regarding merging and dividing, takeovers, amalgamations, transformations of commercial law companies and transactions of so-called management buyout (MBO and MBI). Using many years of experience and gained specialist knowledge in this scope, the law firm also provides services within legal audits (due diligence) covering legal and tax-financial analysis of merged, divided and transformed companies adjusted to the needs of each transaction and the needs of a client.

Administrative law

The law firm specialises in providing ongoing legal services for public administration entities. While guaranteeing adherence to the highest standards of services and with particular consideration of discipline restrictions in public finances and separate regulations concerning the characteristics of administrative law branches, the law firm provides ongoing services for territorial self-government units as well as it executes non-standard, interdisciplinary projects while introducing pioneer institutions. In case of a complex problem requiring detailed knowledge from para-legal and accounting-tax areas, owning to a close cooperation with specialised entities, the law firm maintains a high level of services also in such projects.

Our team lawyers give opinions on drafts of resolutions passed during meetings of legislative bodies with regard to the legality and in the context of established practice of supervisory bodies with territorial jurisdiction as well as administrative courts, and they also participate in activities of administrative bodies provided for under legal provisions. Many years of experience of our law firm in providing services for all levels of territorial self-government allows us to consider in opinions given on drafts of contracts not only the particular interest of a Client, but also the social interest as well as to eliminate possible threats of performing a contract, which has significant meaning while concluding subsidy contracts.

Lawyers from our law firm provide advice with regard to the most frequent administrative law areas, in particular: environmental protection law and principles of waste management, geodetic and cartographic law, spatial development law, energy law, personal data protection law, competition and consumers’ protection law.

Moreover, our lawyers provide assistance at obtaining administrative decisions and procedural experience allows us to represent the Client before administrative courts and appellate bodies in all cases.

Public finances sector

The law firm has been providing legal services to the benefit of territorial self-government units and their unions for many years. Our clients include self-government units of all levels, from small communes to Marshal Offices. We provide both, ongoing legal services for the units and advice in many areas of law related with execution of tasks of territorial self-government units.

Furthermore, we have many years of experience in providing services for budget units, self-government budget units as well as commercial law companies, where territorial self-government units are shareholders. We participated in many reorganisation processes of units subject to self-governments with successes. We also provide services for multimillion investment processes executed by territorial self-government units, including within public-private partnership system.

Interdisciplinary and many resources of the law firm also allow providing services consisting in giving legal advice to unit residents within access to free legal assistance. The law firm has also experience in ongoing services for organisational units with municipal assets.

Furthermore, we provide legal services for other units from public finances sector, including independent public healthcare units, public universities and cultural institutions.

Medical sector

Sector of entities performing medical activities.

The law firm specialises in providing legal services to the benefit of entities performing medical activities within public and non-public sector. Among entities performing medical activities within public sector, our clients also include the ones founded by territorial self-government units of all levels as well as the ones established by central public administration bodies. Whereas, entities performing medical activities within non-public sector that decided to cooperate with our law firm include both, entities performing medical activities under medical practice and the ones operating within limited companies structures.

Providing legal services to the benefit of entities performing medical activities also includes ongoing legal assistance in cases related with functioning of these entities, as well as:

  • assistance within functioning of a given entity consisting in conducting legal, financial and medical audits and drawing on the grounds thereof reports covering a broad analysis of an existing organisation and drawing conclusions concerning the possibility of restructuring it;
  • participation in conducted restructuring process;
  • assistance within defining organisational-legal structures of an entity, among others, transformation of an independent public medical care entity into a limited company, transforming a given organisational-legal form into any form acceptable under provisions of commonly binding law and meeting current needs of a client, establishing or liquidating particular organisational units of entities and even whole enterprises of a medical entity;
  • assistance in broadly understood labour and payroll cases;
  • assistance in cases related with purchasing any type of goods and services, including the use of outsourcing;
  • assistance in conducting investment processes including establishing, purchasing and selling whole medical entities, particular enterprises or their organised parts.

Labour law

The law firm provides complex advice within individual and collective labour law.

We provide advice with regard to any crucial matters related with employing and dismissing employees, including individual and group dismissals. We undertake activities related with drawing up collective labour agreements and other collective covenants, rules and statutes constituting company’s internal legal provisions and adjusting them to internal organisational structure of an enterprise.

Tax law

The law firm provides advice with regard to substantive and procedural tax law.

Our services include issues related with taxation of natural and legal entities. We also provide legal services for international financial transactions. The law firm’s activities within this area are supported with ongoing cooperation with experienced tax advisors and an accounting firm.

The law firm offers advice with regard to using tax optimisation instruments in order to present the most beneficial variant of conducting planned economic operations from the point of view of tax burdens.

Among particular activities covered with this area, we indicate the possibility to use our services with regard to complex legal services within VAT return.

We enable our Clients to use tax audit, that is, complex review of the accuracy of tax settlements, and we also offer readiness to provide legal assistance in solving current tax problems and in drawing up applications for individual tax interpretation in a scope agreed on with a Client.

We review commercial transactions with regard to the tax on civil-legal activities and VAT. We apply our knowledge on taxes and local fees, agricultural and forestry tax in practice.

Lawyers from our law firm represent the Client in litigious and explanatory proceedings before tax and customs bodies as well as in penal-fiscal proceedings.